Afru GroupAfru-Gruop is an internationally operating company, with it's headquarter in Munich. Our acitivity concerns the commerce of fruit and vegetables, with particular attention to pome fruits, stone fruit, tropic fruit and grapes...

In an inreasingly networked community of states, our goal is it to still supply only the best fruit and vegetables. At competitve prices, of course.

Close monitoring of current market trends as well as good business relationships allow us to keep on offering fresh, healthy and only top quality fruit and vegetables.

We make sure that the producers put special attention on the selection of appropriate crops, used plant material and the careful use of crop protection products in oder to preserve the ecological balance.

Thanks to a good cooperation with solid transport companies, we can count on an efficient logistic system, which allows us to complete delivery of entire cargoes and single products in accordance to agreed deadlines.

We can count on a skilled and motivated team, who believes in the above mentiones guidlines.